I would like to write an article for the chapter site - Who do I contact?

That is great!  We are always looking to get more people involved and want to use our site as a communications vehicle for events and topics of interest.  To get started, please just send an email to vp-communications@pmimidnebraska.org.

Who do I contact if I have problems with the website?

Should you have problems logging in, registering for events, accessing the job board or any other general issue, please send an email to vp-technology@pmimidnebraska.org.

Do I need to submit a PDU request for chapter meetings?

Nope, you're off the hook! Our VP of Technology will take care of that for you. After each meeting, we will do a batch load of all meeting attendees to save time for the group.

How do I maintain my PMI Certification?

If you’ve already earned your PMP or other certification from PMI, then you are probably aware that your certification needs to be maintained. The certification cycles are three years long, with the first cycle beginning when you pass your exam. During the three year cycle, you must earn 60 Professional Development Units (PDU’s) and report them to the Project Management Institute (PMI).

Did you know that you can get one PDU for each chapter meeting you attend?  Come on down to our next one and check it out!

How do I earn PDU’s?

There are various ways to earn PDU’s, such as taking classes, writing or speaking on project management, and volunteering with professional organizations such as your local PMI chapter. To report your PDU’s, please follow this link: http://www.pmi.org/CareerDevelopment/Pages/CCR-Reporting-Forms.aspx

Why should I get a PMI certification?

There are a number of benefits to earning your PMP certification. Having your PMP certification can lead to career advancement in terms of job opportunities, promotions, as well as an increase in salary. Being credentialed demonstrates to others that you have the knowledge, skills and experience vital to a successful career in project management. All that aside, however, it is a great way to become more knowledgeable and effective when managing any type of project.

What benefits will I get as a PMI MID Nebraska Chapter member?

By attending local chapter meetings, members are able to network and share their knowledge of project management. To learn about more membership benefits, or to become a member, please follow this link: http://www.pmi.org/GetInvolved/Pages/The-Benefits-and-Types-of-Membership.aspx

What benefits will I get as a PMI member?

If you’re considering becoming a member of the Project Management Institute (PMI), here are some benefits that you should know about. First of all, Members receive two monthly journals and have access to additional information on PMI’s website. Discounts are given on exam fees, educational opportunities, and PMI’s conference attendance costs. Members also receive the standard book of project management, the PMBOK, as part of their membership fees.